he outsold 50 cent's get rich or die trying, and curtis. but he's still not jesus.
kanye west, get off the cross and come eat your carrots.
by kccc=) September 24, 2007
Dumb nigger.
Kanye West is on tv being a dumb nigger again.
by Pdizzlexortium March 06, 2010
if you can tell me how this guy is a rapper i may have some respect but until then...kanye west is a fucking faggot who needs to be shot that fucking bitch cant rap he fucking raps about diamonds that are being mined by slaves in sierra leone and yet hes wearing all this fucking ice around him thats probably mined by those people. fucking shit says hes the fucking best rapper in hip hop history i can think of 2 people better than him right now hmmmm lets see tupac and biggie there. arrogant son of a bitch needs to be fucking killed fucker should just fucking die fuck you kanye west you fucking cunt.
kanye west: "hey look at me im a racist biggot who cant fucking rap look at me im getting fucked in the ass by corporate assholes who suck my balls all day teeeheee fuck me up my ass teeeheee"
fucking fag ass motherfucker die you bitch
by el reye September 10, 2006
One of the greatest rappers out there, but also one of the greatest assholes.
Hip hop fan 1: (While listening to Dr. Dre's "The Chronic") Dude The Chronic is such a good album.

Kanye West: (Turns down volume) Excuse me boy, I'll let you finish listening to this but my album The College Dropout is the best hip hop album ever made.

Hip hop fan 2: You put out great albums Kanye, but you're such an asshole.
by Schnitterbit February 05, 2011
The most fake "rapper" out there. He raps about nothing he knows about (living in the projects and shit). When he grew up in the suburbs, and got all his money from his parents. He is one of those "attention needing prissy bitches" that gets anything and everything he wants from money thats not his. He recently claimed he should be in the bible because hes as important as jesus. He blames everything on the "white man" when he also says everyone is equal...basically Kanye West is a living, walking, and talking contradiction and oxy-moron. I cant wait till the whole "Kanye" bullshit is over.
Kanye West = Walking, talking, lying, cheating, good for nothing rasist walking contradicion. Everyone else who is a fan of kanyes, is also one of these. Get a life and listen to music worth listening to.
by bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb July 03, 2006
“Yo Merriam Webster, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Urban Dictionary has one of the best definitions of all time. One of the best definitions of all time!”
I'm Kanye West and President Obama thinks I'm a jackass.
by aspanser December 29, 2009
An arrogant prick who also happens to be one of the best and most creative forces in popular music today. Most of the people who keep blabbing about the Taylor Swift incident have never actually listened to his music. They may have heard "Stronger" or "Gold Digger" on the radio once, but that doesn't really count for much.

All Kanye ever does is be honest. He just completely lacks constraint in what he does, in both his music and his public appearances. He never pretends to be something that he isn't, and as such his music isn't just boyish posturing like that of most rappers, it feels like a journey into his soul. Anyone who's listened all the way through "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" knows that. He's not a perfect guy. He says stupid things on camera. He gets angry, he flips out, he gets depressed. He's a normal human being, just like everyone else. And that's what makes his music so goddamn amazing.
Listen to some of his music, like "Roses", "Family Business" or "Street Lights". If you think those Kanye West songs are bad, you probably don't have a soul, just saying.
by zer0t October 28, 2011

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