Dumb nigger.
Kanye West is on tv being a dumb nigger again.
by Pdizzlexortium March 06, 2010
Rapper that is obsessed with white people.
Kanye West: Look at that white boy!
White Guy: Man, shut the fuck up, your obsessed with us white people! Stop talking about it!
by Sadsadworld November 05, 2005
he outsold 50 cent's get rich or die trying, and curtis. but he's still not jesus.
kanye west, get off the cross and come eat your carrots.
by kccc=) September 24, 2007
The most fake "rapper" out there. He raps about nothing he knows about (living in the projects and shit). When he grew up in the suburbs, and got all his money from his parents. He is one of those "attention needing prissy bitches" that gets anything and everything he wants from money thats not his. He recently claimed he should be in the bible because hes as important as jesus. He blames everything on the "white man" when he also says everyone is equal...basically Kanye West is a living, walking, and talking contradiction and oxy-moron. I cant wait till the whole "Kanye" bullshit is over.
Kanye West = Walking, talking, lying, cheating, good for nothing rasist walking contradicion. Everyone else who is a fan of kanyes, is also one of these. Get a life and listen to music worth listening to.
by bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb July 03, 2006
Reprehensible racist who blames the problems of an entire race on rich white men, including problems that don't involve them at all.
Rapper who has been around for less than a year and has released 1 album yet venerates himself as a legend and visionary, and equates himself to Tupac and Notorious BIG.
- He uses the slur "devil" in referring to white people
- He says white people don't want his children to eat (what the fuck???)
- He says that the white man tries to get rich off of all the problems of black people, when in fact they bring the majority of their problems upon themselves
- He called his first single "history in the making," which is incredibly presumptive and arrogant
- He deified himself as some sort of miraculous superhuman because he got in a car crash and survived non-life threatening injuries
- Instead of just focusing on making music and entertaining peole, he chooses to act as if he is one of the greatest people who ever lived and that all his fans should bow down to him
by rellybois October 20, 2004
“Yo Merriam Webster, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Urban Dictionary has one of the best definitions of all time. One of the best definitions of all time!”
I'm Kanye West and President Obama thinks I'm a jackass.
by aspanser December 29, 2009
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