Jackass who likes to place blame where it does not belong. I'm assuming he does this for attention. I must admit though he does have a shit load of talent.
I love the song gold digger by kanye west; however, that stunt he pulled, "george bush does not care about black people", was completley uncalled for.
by liz May 13, 2006
Self- centered prick.
Imma let you finish but...
Watch Kanye West on the VMA's.
by mtsmtsmtsm STATIC September 30, 2009
An afrocentric and egotistical rapper who thinks too highly of his rhyming ability. He also believes that despite the great hurricane Katrina relief effort, that "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Kanye West's rhymes are nothing special; the only reason why he's popular is that he annunciates words better than most rappers and he cuts down on ebonics in his lyrics, so that even white suburban people can understand him.
Did you notice that a large percent of the people attending that Kanye West concert were white?
by Anonymous Nigra December 08, 2006
A new meme circulating around the internet involving phrases similar to what he said when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA's.
Kanye West: "Yo Keyboard Cat, I'm really happy for you. I'm gonna let you finish, but Kanye West is the best meme of all time"
by TheHeavy September 15, 2009
a gay, shitty rapper.
he made a complete ass outta himself in the MTV video music awards by dissing taylor swift.
hes a fucking racist who said bush was tryina kill all the black people left in new orleans after kartina n now he goes and says that beyonce had a better video than taylor...
what a dumbfuck.
hi, im kanye west, my career is going to hell anyway so ill try to get attention another way...hmm.
oh! why dont i insult 19 year old taylor swift in the VMA's, that'll get me some attention...
by maruuuska October 02, 2009
A once popular rapper. He threw the water on his hot career with his third VMA meltdown when he snatched the mic from Taylor Swift to proclaim that Beyonce had the best video. Kanye is now a has been and white America will no longer make his pompous ass rich.
5 years from now 2 teens shopping at a thrift store and come across an old Kanye album:

Teen 1: "Who's Kanye West?"

Teen 2: "He's just a has been."

Teen 1: *chucks dusty Kanye album back into the pile where a dusty Vanilla Ice album lays*

Kanye West: *moves in with his fellow Surreal Life cast*
by Ellie Elles September 17, 2009
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