1: Moderator and General in the eBaum army

2: A quick witted Asian bugger who delights in Banning people
1: Kane TOOK POSSESSION of your ass

2: See example 1
by EvaMonkey August 22, 2004
(PN)Kanism - Something Like A Pimp.
(V) Kaned - Had sexual Intercourse.
(PN) Cocky ebaumsworld moderator, known for quick tongue, and pun usage.

(V)Man, I almost kaned that bitch last night.
by Mount Gilead Unit's Best September 05, 2003
1. Moderator at ebaumsworld.com, VFP. (Very Funny Person)

2. Owner of deadpool, aka, deadpool is Kanism's bitch.

3. Sushi
Kanism did not treat a girl right, so she went crazy and would not stop calling and sending him flowers.
by can-is-um September 04, 2003
Cocksmoking little S.O.B.
Kanism is a cocksmoking little S.O.B.!!
by chris_78660 September 03, 2003
A grilled cheese and anchovie turnover.
I ate a kanism today... mmmm-hmmmm!
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
A six hundred pound subhuman species which is currenly extinct except one.
The kanism jumped me from behind.
by zestophremia September 12, 2003
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