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1) a game played by Japanese school children under the age of 12 where they poke their finger(s) in an unsuspecting ass.

2) repeated pings or probes by hackers on the Internet seeking unauthorized access to a computer.
1) "I just saw an American exchange school teacher jump 3 feet in the air when some Japanese school boy kancho'd him."

2) "I installed a firewall on the Internet connection. I'm tired of having every hacker kancho'ing me."
by Dibabear August 10, 2005
From the Japanese slang term meaning "butt poke".

1)an illegal strike (fingers in the ass) in used occasionally during pro-wrestling matches... normally resulting in the perpetrator getting beaten to a pulp.

2)getting truly fucked, bent and/or violated by life in general.
1)Chris Benoit had the Crossface locked on and The Rock was going nowhere... He had no choice but to use his free hand to nail a quick kancho, then get the fuck outta Dodge!

2)"She left you, took the kids, dog AND all your shit?! Hard kancho, dude."
by Lambda Mu Grizzly December 25, 2004
A fun game played in Japan!
Everyone who loves Japan should play this game!
by woogy April 21, 2005
What happens when you go to areas where Japanese children hang out. The children, usually no older than twelve, get in a postion behind you and penitrate you anus with their finger.

It also seems to be taking a hit on America and England.
"Haha! We just kanchoed you!!!"

"Haha! We just kanchoed you, in American."
by Chi and Alchemist Zeal June 04, 2005
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