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Popular Hawaiian name meaning "the beautiful one". Commonly given to the first daughter. Kanani is quite adventuresome, yet sometimes hesitant. She glows with intelligence and wisdom... showering her love over everyone around her.
I named my first daughter Kanani, because she is beautiful.
by Kay Nanny October 18, 2009
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an amazingly hot girl who has a huge heart. she is the sweetest thing. any guy would be lucky to date her. her name, hawaiian, meaning the beauty. She is friends with everyone. She is the best girlfriend ever, and is an amazing kisser.
Kanani is a great friend :)
by Her Bff February 18, 2012
kanani is my friend. but now shes faulty. all she does now is hang with her old ass grown bf and shit. how sad. she swacked in front of my banana baby whsky girls house.
that kanani used to a rider, but now she just swacks that grown ass man.
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK February 13, 2005

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