An extremely awesome Progressive/Power Metal band, great lyrics, great vocals, great solos and great all.

Unfortunately people prefer to listen to stupid ass, crappy and poser metal bands like Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine...
The Black Halo of Kamelot was hands down one of the best albums of this last decade.
by darkdiablo92 January 15, 2011
Top Definition
modern Progressive metal act, who quite frankly kick the ultimate ass in everyway.
kamelot are great because roy kahn has a great voice
by SoL February 02, 2004
If you turn on your super modern Emo Loving Bullshit Alternative Rock Radio station, You most like wouldn't find this band. Because they're better then every one else.
Thomas Youngblood would you please bash your guitar over the heads of those Octave-Loving Idiots.
by Ralph Vaughan Williams October 23, 2004
Amazing metal band. Black Halo kicks so much ass!
Kamelot will rape you in the butt, and you will enjoy it!
by The Tormenter (gfaqs pwns joo) March 28, 2005
Easily one of the best power/melodic metal acts comming out of America (Florida) right now... except Khan, who they got from Norway

Can you say, North American Black Halo Tour 2006?
Think Queensryche's power metal, Maiden's epic-ness, a bit of Dream Theater's prog, Therion's symphonies/choirs, and a shit load of awesome all put into a blender, and you have Kamelot
by Maxxwell April 26, 2006
Inredible progressive metal band. Kamelot is awesome because they have: great vocals, great guitars, and great percussion. Consists of Roy Khan, Thomas Youngblood, Casey Grillo, and Glenn Barry.
Center of the Universe
Wings of Despair
March of Mephisto
Across the Highlands
by Nahotnoj May 05, 2005
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