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Easily one of the best power/melodic metal acts comming out of America (Florida) right now... except Khan, who they got from Norway

Can you say, North American Black Halo Tour 2006?
Think Queensryche's power metal, Maiden's epic-ness, a bit of Dream Theater's prog, Therion's symphonies/choirs, and a shit load of awesome all put into a blender, and you have Kamelot
by Maxxwell April 26, 2006
Full name - Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister

Singer for Motorhead;
Jesus, come back from the dead

obviously resurrected somehow, because he hasn't aged at all in 20 some years.

believed to be given special god-like powers from his giant mole on his face
Lemmy kicks you ass anyday.
by Maxxwell November 08, 2004
Manowar is more Metal than You

nuff said
"Fighting the World Every Day

Fighting the World

For our right to play


-Fighing the World, Manowar
by Maxxwell April 26, 2006
What happens when you take 5 guys, teach them how to lip-synch, and put them in front of 2034823792416234120 screaming 13 year old girls
N*Sync makes me want to shove a spoon in my eye, and then scoop out my brains
by Maxxwell August 14, 2005

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