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the best person in the world.very atheltic.nice.caring.LOVES boys.loves having awsome friends,but also has a loud mouth at times.
kallen is awsome
by 1234fluffbug June 17, 2010
A fatass who drinks diet cock and eats dicks in his jeep
You don't want to be a kallen do you?
by hurtendlessbob11 December 20, 2014
Wishes her name was on urban dictionary.

Likes black men.
"I wish someone would write something about my name on urban dictionary" -Kallen
by kallensfriend August 05, 2011
A girl who is a lying, bullying, fake ass bitch. She will talk behind your back, lie to your face, try to ruin your life, and plain out bully you. She's overly jealous and fakes anxiety and depression for attention.
Friend: "I heard Kallen talking shit about you again"

You: "Whatever she does it all the time. Nothing new."
by listenandloveit April 06, 2015
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