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one who is sweet and sexy. beautiful inside and out.
my best friend is such a kalie, i love her.
by jennifer April 15, 2005
375 173
Kalie is the best person you could ever find. She is like a sister to me. She's the one I trust and believe. I'm glad Kalie is in my life.
Kalie is the best person you could ever meet.
by Anno March 11, 2005
272 135
An awesome cool chick that everyone loves to be around.You will never stop being her friend! when you get into arguments with her things are still a ok!
girl #1-hey that dude is beating up that girl!
girl #2-that isnt a dude that is Kalie!
by Carleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee February 05, 2012
61 22
a kick ass ginger makes everyones day brighter even when they have had the worst day, the tallest girl you know and every guy drools at the sight of her. she has the best dance moves and would be the best friend with benifits when older:) shes such a stunner and any girl would kill to look like her. shes a sick basketball player and loves to play jokes dont let a girl like this slip through your fingers and ALWAYS BUY HER JEWLERY!
GUY: look at that sexy ginger, i think i would like to tap that shes a kalie
by niggahigga1111 February 18, 2012
40 23
A beautiful girl that is just the definition of perfection. She is hard-headed at times but will always be the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She will make you fall in love the second you meet her. No other girl is of any comparison. Her smile could brighten any day. Her eyes are amazing and you could stare into them for hours. She is just the best and any guy would be lucky to have such am amazing girl. She belongs with an amazing guy who's name is preferably Ryan.
Kalie, I love you.
by TheOneAndOnlyRC July 07, 2013
24 7
Kalie is a kick ass ginger with a lot of friends, has beautiful eyes , short and really weird at times,Kalie's are adorable ! They usually belong with tall guys with brown or ginger hair preferably guys named Keith. Kalie's have no butts , but big boobs.
Person 1:do you see that cute girl with Keith?
Person 2:Her names probably Kalie.
by I'maloser August 29, 2013
10 8
a kalie is a lying broad that will act like she wants to date you more than anything and two weeks later ditch you for a faggot of a guy.
Dude last week I went out with this girl, then she totally pulled a kalie on me and suddenly she's dating another guy.
by pissed_92 November 22, 2010
77 134