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the most amazing place to live ever!!! home to soooooooo many amazing people that all you losers who don't like it should go die in a hole of holy-ness and shame:) we have lots of cool stuff like trees, ice cream and retra vision. and yes we do have coles, woolworths and other NORMAL shops, and no we aren't a country side town, we are a semi-rural area:) and we were in the west australian the other day so suck on that all you boring places that are to loser-inhabited to be in the paper:)
Person 1: where do you live?

Person 2: i live in Kalamunda

Person 1: OMG im sooooooo jelous
by woopiemama May 11, 2011
Shit hole in countryside Western Australia. Horrible place to live because people are dumb as doorknobs.
Man you're from Kalamunda aren't you!

You're so Kalamunda

Person 1: What is 2+2?
Person 2: I came from Kalamunda
Person 1: nuff said, go sit in the corner over there
by yayi'mcool October 10, 2008

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