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South African Word: Directly translated means "shit house"

1. Often used as a pet name:
2. Often used as a derogatory name:
3. The place where you have a shit:
1. Good to see you, you old kakhuis!
2. That doos is a real kakhuis!
3. I need to give birth, where is your kakhuis?
by JHB JohnnyBee September 12, 2006
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A place where you take a shit. AKA: Toilet. Also used to describe a person that's a real asshole.
Ek gaan kakhuis toe! (I'm going to the shit house)

Q: Waar's Pa?
A: Hy's in die kakhuis!

Mogabe is 'n regte kakhuis!
by Nobody January 14, 2004

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