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a reallyreallyreally big number. but not infinity.
amylee is a kajillion times better than your face.
1000 bajillion
Timmy's back went out a kajillion times last week.
by me August 26, 2003
A very large number. Usually an overexxageration.
Loewan: Omg, this test is a kajillion miles long
Molly: No its not, that is an overexaggeration.
by Billionaaiire December 12, 2009
An experimental musical group out of Oakland, CA.
Kajillion played a set of almost unlistenable music and I loved it.
by dddnutz August 18, 2010
a number that is larger than infinity!!
There were an infinite amount of aliens but they were outnumbered by a kajillion sea lions!!
by Testica February 06, 2009