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like a cup of noodles.
or coffee.
damn the sun is almost as hot as a kaiden.
by jamie67890 April 26, 2008
Cute guy...incredibly outgoing and annoying but adorable.
I fell in love with this dude he was such a Kaiden
by BOB THE MAGIC DRAGON July 02, 2014
A gorgeous amazing girl. Her smile lights up the sky. Her eyes are as beautiful as the ocean. Everything about her is enough to make you fall in love. She can just look at you and put a big smile on your face. Every moment with her is bliss. When you close your eyes all you see is her. She is insecure and doesn't realize how beautiful she is. Don't listen when she says she isn't perfect, because she is.
I wish I had a Kaiden.
by Loveislouderthanthepressure July 10, 2011