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most likely a japanese girl. beautiful for an asian, very kind, caring, has a great smile, and a great body but not a slut/whore.
Everyone usually gets pulled close to her for her personality. She is very greatly loved by everyone around her. She has the power to influence. She works very hard for everything without people around her noticing much for she hates to brag. a Kaho may seem to be very open but actually has more than half of her hidden for she doesn't want to be judged. So if you have a friend named Kaho, get to know her better and let her know she won't be judged. For you, are very lucky to have a Kaho around.
She is blessed by God in a great measure. Get close to her, and she will change your life.
Boys; a kaho is most likely what you would call your 'dream girl'
Wake up sally. You're not Kaho.

ryan: dude, I just met a kaho.
chris: you're the luckiest guy alive right now.
by mister lullaby February 13, 2010
This word can be used as any noun. In terms of asking someone to get said 'noun' for you, or asking if someone wants said 'noun'

Most often used to replace 'alcoholic beverage' or 'Spliff'

Pronounced (Ka-Ho)
Ant: Kaho?

Sam: Yea bro, I'd love another drink. Thanks.

Ant: Kaho? Your going inside anyway.

Sam: Sure bro, I'll grab you a drink while I'm inside.

Ant: Shot bro
by Possom July 27, 2012