A truthful and flattering term for Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.
Robert Mugabe sure is one ugly Kaffir!
#mugabe #zimbabwe #kaffir #nigger #chimpanzee #baboon
by mccoomba April 11, 2008
Top Definition
A word that is used by south africans in describing black people, its is derogatory and is usually expressed while feeling very frustrated and angry at a black persons incompitance
that kaffir broke the iron again
by Crabstick August 24, 2005
1. Arabic term meaning "infidel.' See kafir, kaafir. Plural kufaar, kaafirun.

2. Borrowed into Afrikaans and S. African English as insulting term for an African.
Under apartheid, the "kaffirs" had to live in locations.
by octopod July 11, 2004
Normally directed at black south africans, it can also be used to address blacks all over the world.
Danny Glover was called a kaffir several times in Lethal Weapon Two and on one occasion was instructed not to be a 'smart' kaffir. (See: Oxymoron)
#kafir #negro #apartheid #thabo mbeki #aids
by Nkosi Philemon October 02, 2006
The Afrikanns (South African) equivalent of nigger.
Zulu: Yo, howzit my kaffir
Xhosa: It's good, kaffir, it's good
Venda: YO my kaffir heffers
Boer: You, my kaffir brus, howzit?
*The natives eye him menacingly*
Boer: Hehe...
*They all kick his ass with spears*
#slang #racial slur #nigga #nigger #defensive pass interference
by Steagles February 12, 2006
true meaning is infidel or unbeliever, whether black or white; derived from the French word caffre, which has the same meaning. In South Africa it is regarded as a derogatory term for black Africans in general.
He claims to be a christian, but that atheist is really a kaffir
#kaffer #caffre #infidel #atheist #unbeliever
by Hank5 January 04, 2015
A perfect description used by both blacks and whites in South Africa, describing people with certain mannerisms and characteristics that are very biologically close to that of a monkey and have very minimal intellect whilst being very cunning.

This term cannot be related to niger where niger or nager is a dirogatory term, to be called a Kaffir you have to act like one, not all blacks in South Africa are called kaffirs (0.0001%).
Jacob Zuma is a Kaffir.

The president of South Africa Jacob Zuma wins the lotto,what a clever kaffir

Mandela gets kicked out of the ANC, the country has gone to the kaffirs now.
by TheSARealists January 15, 2016
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