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a, Its a shortcut for Keep Away From Fire.

b, Person who is extremely explosive

c, In a good way: extreemly hot chick.
Kaff your bitch buddy!

Wooow What a kaff chick!
by kaffchick September 21, 2010
1 1
to quit or die, most commonly used in the past tense as kaffed
There were other
problems with the car - blown frost plug, kaffed distributor

He didn't even get killed by a Croc, he got killed by a stingray. That's pathetic. At least he kaffed doing something he loved.
by Michipicoten March 25, 2007
32 11
Shortened from kaffies a polari term for trousers.
'He was wearing zebra print kaffs with pink go faster stripes!!!'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
3 1
goes extremely extremely well with chip
fish and chip, kaff and chip. u see. go well together.
by Bob April 07, 2005
6 14
peas on kaff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"oops i mean kaff, kaff, kaff, kaff"
"kaff's stripping in the air"
"kaff's cherry"
"wait, what if he has a thing for big lips?"
by kaff January 05, 2005
3 16