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5 definitions by ewgvwg

actually the a term that 80's kids gave to morning detention. The director of THE BREAKFAST CLUB (WHOOP) changed it to just be a saturday detention.
'ugh i got put in the breakfast club for strapping his buns together'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
134 84
like saying piss off but in a more joking and friendly term. Usually used when someone is making a rude (but joking) remark about you.
'ooo you look grumpy'

'naff off'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
31 11
polari for trousers. Can also be shortend to kaffs.
'I like your kaffies'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
5 2
Shortened from kaffies a polari term for trousers.
'He was wearing zebra print kaffs with pink go faster stripes!!!'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
3 1
to mish somewhere is to walk somewhere that is going to take lots of effort, but you will dawdle there.
'when i have finished here i will mish over to yours'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
13 14