Shortened from kaffies a polari term for trousers.
'He was wearing zebra print kaffs with pink go faster stripes!!!'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
Top Definition
to quit or die, most commonly used in the past tense as kaffed
There were other
problems with the car - blown frost plug, kaffed distributor

He didn't even get killed by a Croc, he got killed by a stingray. That's pathetic. At least he kaffed doing something he loved.
by Michipicoten March 25, 2007
a, Its a shortcut for Keep Away From Fire.

b, Person who is extremely explosive

c, In a good way: extreemly hot chick.
Kaff your bitch buddy!

Wooow What a kaff chick!
by kaffchick September 21, 2010
goes extremely extremely well with chip
fish and chip, kaff and chip. u see. go well together.
by Bob April 07, 2005
peas on kaff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"oops i mean kaff, kaff, kaff, kaff"
"kaff's stripping in the air"
"kaff's cherry"
"wait, what if he has a thing for big lips?"
by kaff January 05, 2005
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