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Named after Kafei, a well-known roleplayer on Webnet.
A long, drawn-out, dialogue between two or more roleplay characters played by one real person. The dialogue usually either accomplishes nothing or presents a love scene between the two characters, which considered the "raologue" (ray-oh-log), after Raikou`, a very horrid person who makes love to himself.
21:41:44 21 <Kafei> (Jaseth) Hm.
21:41:55 21 <Kafei> (Jaseth) You don't remember anything, do you?
21:42:05 21 <Kafei> (???) Shut up.
21:42:16 21 <Kafei> (Jaseth) Heh.
21:42:35 21 <Kafei> (Jaseth) If you want to see your daughter, then you'll come with me.
21:42:46 21 <Kafei> (???) I ain't going nowhere with a jackass like you.

etc., etc.
by Mikau March 21, 2004
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