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kaelynn is the most beautiful girl you will probably ever meet. She is the best girlfriend you will ever have and is loving and caring and will be honest and faithful. She usually lives in whitter and is a bro ho but its ok she grows on you. She is the best thing that will ever happen to you. She is really good at softball and gets scholarships to wagner college but she comes bat to cali. for the guy she loves. The girl that you usually ask to have your babies
Gabe:A man who was that girl u brought over the other day.
Ryan:Aw man she was kaelynn just some girl that i meet through my friends girlfriend and i totally fell in love with her.
by will Marry me! January 31, 2009
The most beautiful girl that you will ever meet! She has beautiful hair, staggeringly beautiful eyes, and a great personality! Is great at every sport she plays, and is incredibly smart! If you ever meet a Kaelynn, you will be stunned by her Beauty and funniness! You will either fall in love with her right away, or become great friends with her! don't ever let her out of your life because kaelynn's are one of a kind! None of them are the same, but they are all worth the time!
I love you Kaelynn!!!!!!!!! <3
by Football_Evan22 January 23, 2013
Kae'lynn is the name of a girl that you can never stay mad at. A girl everyone LOVES.Everytime you see her you smile. She is a loyal girlfriend...and she never gives up on her boyfriend. She usually can sing. She is very supportive and helpful. Kae'lynn is an awesome friend.
I love Kae'lynn!
by Anonymous-Person January 18, 2015
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