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Residue in the nose, dried snot. Synonym for "booger".
"Ugh, there's a massive kae hanging out of your nose, please pick it out!"
by Bad Dog February 01, 2004
22 108
N. An Amazing beast at any video game, sport, or pretty much anything...

N. A Nerd

N. Cheese
Boy that dude is either a kaes, a kaes, or a peice of kaes, and also who cut the kaes?
by BUCKEYE BLITZ May 12, 2009
12 7
Version of "Okay", "O.K." or the texting version, "kk".
In texting:
"Hey i've gtg, brb"
by Manamana-do-doo-do-do-do November 10, 2011
9 13
V. to quit a job with little notice to take better job
I'm kaesing it because I've been offered a better job.

You hear about Roy? He kaesed it and moved to Atlanta.

I'd kaes this place if only people were hiring.
by deadhours December 14, 2010
1 7
A walking, talking, ANUS
That twerp is a major Kae. BIG TIME!
by Big Dude January 26, 2004
19 112