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kicking it so hard you can't even enunciate
hey man what you doin this saturday?

sheeeit, man , i'm just kackin it.
by richie1977cola June 27, 2009
Kackin it (Also Kacking and Cacking) Is a word used to refer to the highest state of laughter. Kackin it is when you have laughed so much you have surpassed crying ,urination or any other bowl movements. Once in the state of Kackin it one has little self control and may have to be left alone to calm down. Kackin it can be potentially dangerous, but is often a sense of great ecstasy.
Chris:Don't you think Holmes is an emo
Rob:Yeah, he's such a douche when he just comes and says HEY GUYZ
Holmes: HEY GUYZ
Rob and Chris start kackin it.
by Nash Yep May 06, 2008

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