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Refered to the alchoholic shot consisting of 2/3 part Everclear, and 1/3 part energy drink. When drank you will get Kablasterfucked.
"Hey man I'm looking to get drunk tonight, what should I drink?"
"You will want to drink the Kablasterfuck, and you wont get drunk, you'll get Kablasterfucked!"
by Benny Aldy April 13, 2008
Usually the effect that results from taking a Kablasterfuck.
Austin: Dude that kablasterfuck was nothing

a few hours later...

Austin: I can't even describe how drunk I am.

...the next day.

Austin: Was I alive last night?
Erik: You took a couple kablasterfucks...
by Eliot B April 19, 2008
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