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You must be confuising this with "kibosh", which is in the dictionary with the meaning to put an end to something.
Put a (or the) kibosh on something.
by harvey January 26, 2005
To end; to terminate; to kill off in a nonbiological sense; kind of like squashing from a position of strength and with moral certitude; to basically reverse a decision or situation with conviction. A word I thought existed in the english language. One I have used many years thinking all know it well. I was amazed to not find it in the dictionary!
1.He realized it was a bad decision to proceed with the contract so he put the kabash on the deal. 2.His son was greatful that his father put the kabash on what would have been a miserable situation.3.
by Anthony .A. Hedayat January 10, 2005
A Hebrew word. According to James Strong in "Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries": to tread down; hence negatively to disregard; positively to conquer, subjugate, violate:—bring into bondage, force, keep under, subdue, bring into subjection.
Word occurs in Micah 7:19 of the Bible. Is translated variously "subdue" "tread under foot" in Bible translations.
by Tim Gault February 13, 2005
noun: an ironic description of a party that implies a high energy event, when those involved are aware that the opposite is probably closer to true.
"That shareholders meeting later today is sure to be a kabash! Kidding, let's get shots afterwards."

"After school geometry tutoring, sponsored by the chess team... countdown to the kabash!"
by Handler1141 September 03, 2014
To terminate someones annoying behavior by killing him.
My downstream did some some bad drug math on me so I put the Kabash on that.
by KoolKinkajou January 16, 2009
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