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Desired by every woman. Is used to woman, touching and caressing his body. Always looks sharp, and is your basic bad ass sexy beast.
Ka-Sean's are never a disapoointment.
girl: hey what's up?
ka: nothing just chilling with my new key chain
girl: can i chill with you? your such a kasean i want people to see that we are hanging out together
ka: well yeah sure i guess...i am used to weird people wanting to hang out with me. its the price you have to pay for being a ka-sean
girl: Alright cool
ka: no prob, wanna hook up?
girl: def.
by sephrof88 January 17, 2011
A loud-mouthed fruitcake.
Don't be a Kasean....nobody will like you.
by anncon February 10, 2012
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