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A nice round butt, one that isn't "phat" and one that doesn't exist but one that sticks out makes you holla'.

JLo does not have a ka-bunk-a-bunk. She has a phat booty.
The Olsen twins do not have ka-bunk-a-bunks. They are too skinny.

Typically characteristics of a ka-bunk-a-bunk...
- Typically sticks out 2 - 4 inches from the waist line
- Typically has about 3 inches of jettison from the back
- Subtle, yet sharp roundness
- Must be able to shake it to quilify as well

Damn - look at the ka-bunk-a-bunk on that girl. I want to get in it!
by TDubbs June 17, 2007
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