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k8ymac has many definitions and meanings. It is almost never capitalized, because a capital K with the 8 looks really dumb when chatting online. Most references to k8ymac are made online, where capitalization can be inconvenient for the inexperienced typist.

1. (n) A dance move from back in the day, originating in the 9o's after a female named Kaity got down on the dancefloor with some John Doe, whose name is rumored to either be Dan or Quikieeki. Kaity, whose last name began with Mac, is said to be having relations with this man at the time, around 1993.

2. (v) Extreme making out at local shows to people met on networking websites, such as Myspace or Facebook.

3. (adj) Extremely scene, relating to the emo/hXc scene.
1. Did you see that gurl on da flo' bustin out da k8ymac ? I haven't seen someone do dat since 1999 !

2. Did you see that scene chick at da sh0w last Friday ? She was k8ymacin all ova John !

3. Dude, that gurl is so k8ymac ! Did you see her hair ? I think it was a weave...
by Dan Eastman October 21, 2007
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