Top Definition
A nice girl with a good singing voice. Good dresser, smart, and all around nice person.
K. Law is part of the best singing groups in the world.
by K. Len April 19, 2004
special people who do not live in somethign springs who are being happy by having a nice definition of their name
K. Law has a first name but thats okay, and she doest live in a spring
by Iam S. Tupid April 17, 2004
The act of fucking nasty ass hoes (Katherine Law) in order to get pussy. Commonly used by short haired douchebags that live in Sandy Springs and they they are ghetto fabulous. This may often include lying about your religion.
Being a flaming dick raper, Trey Vaught has K. Lawed so many dumbass hoes.
by Mr. Ball Zack March 18, 2004
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