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someone who either messes up or acts in a stupid way is often referred as a deeldo. you can also direct it toward a person saying (QUE-DEELDO) or (K-DEELDO). There are many versions of K-DEELDO like...K-DEELDS, K-DELDIS or even Q-D

DEELDO is spanglish for: dildo, vibrator originating in Anthony, Texas on 917 Franklin Street

its been recently noted that a grandmother in nogalas arizona has been overheard saying k-deeldo in a shakys pizza.
ralf: omg dude i just shit my pants!!
johnny: K-DEELDO!!


greg: hey that guy just drove into the wall!
jeffery: what a deeldo

in 2000 utep lost 2 cal poly, a division 2 NCAA foot ball team...uteps coach gary nord was called a deeldo by many fans.

*At a utep football game jordan palmer throws another inerception*
joseph: K-DEELDO!!!!!!!!!
by ricky villarreal July 16, 2008
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