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street slang for the drug special k
i sent jon to joe's house to get some k bombs
by ipitythefool October 23, 2004
A single letter word that can Destroy a Conversation.
Melvin: I'm going to kick your ass
333kills: k
by Urban Dictionary August 02, 2006
Responding with a simple "K" usually over text or internet. This is not a pleasant reply, it usually is code for "Fuck you" or "You're really pissing me off" It gets your negative point across more effectively then not replying at all.
Dylan: "Sorry I liked everything on your Facebook wall, I thought you would find it funny."
Gabby: "K"
Dylan: "Ouch.. K Bomb."
by hipsterskum January 01, 2011
Shortened version of knowledge bomb, technically a noun but more often used as a verb. Indicates a sudden deployment of knowledge all over a recipient's face, much like bukake.
Johnson: Dude, you can't imply that she's a slut.
Jack: Well, you can't imply that I said that!
Johnson: I didn't imply, I inferred, faggot. K bombed.
by PeopleAgainstFucktards March 11, 2010
A single letter word that can Destroy a Conversation.
Jackson: You should be ashamed of yourself
333kills: k


Jackson: I'm going to kick your ass
333kills: k
by Urban Dictionary July 29, 2006
Ketamine pressed into a pill or 'pitted' in a ball of paper and swallowed.
"I dumped 2 K-bombs and 4 disco biscuits at the rave."
by Diego August 31, 2003
Krap-bomb. Another word used by the younger generation on the internet for an insanely fould shit.
Katie (age 11)-Holy shizit Carmen what did u do in there?
Carmen (age 11)- Chill Katie, its just a k-bomb.
by o0o0o0o0o0o0o February 08, 2006
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