by Yoodle September 04, 2015
Pissed of to the max.
Hey, babe im sorry... replys with :K.
by wishyouknewmyname August 11, 2015
Fuck off I dint wanna talk.
Conversation over

Shut up
Becky: I don't know why you are with him he is a player

Beth: k.

Becky: oh Ok bye
by True meaning April 07, 2015
If someone says this to you, you're fucked.
Fuckboy: "I'm sorry babe"
Girlfriend: "k."
Fuck boy: "I love you"
Girlfriend: " ...."
by Ginger bush January 01, 2015
I don't give a flyin' fuck
And that's the story.

by Skelespook December 02, 2014
Once you have finished talking and don't want to speak anymore. Or this conversation is now over.
Sophie: what are you doing on the week-end?

Jess: nothing

Sophie: k
by Angel😇 September 01, 2014
The symbol for Potassium
John: K is an element!
Sherry: Oh awesome!
by omghaider July 22, 2011

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