K lo K is a dominican slang..It meansz whatsz go0od..or wutsz up wit chu.
juan:ayy k lo k?
melisa:naaa just chillin.Ya tu sabe
#k lo k #wutup #what you doing #wutsz good #dimelo
by Kristie1989066 October 02, 2006
Top Definition
Dominican slang Web abbreviature equivalent to "wassup". Contraction from "qué es lo que pasa" (literally "what's it that happens" -> "what's happening").
Pronnounced "Qué lo qué".
Qué es lo que pasa -> qué lo que -> ke lo ke -> k lo k -> klk
#klk #que lo que #dominican #slang #latin
by Individuo February 01, 2007
Kunt Lusting Over Kok
I'm gonna break that Klok
by MANDO July 26, 2004
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