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hi my name is Jyahrina.
i come from planet Jyah
and on planet Jyah there is the internationl lauguage of jyah talk
most dont understand but thats thier bad luck
when i moved to planet earth i started at Khhs
a place where cool cats like Chloe And Emilia go
i like to blabber alot
blabbering is what i do best
and by now you have probs stopped reading
cause i am actually not saying anything
so i guess you wont find out my big secret
which is.....
ta daahhhh...
well no ones reading so i guess no one will know

that jyah is a totaly jyah coz hes jyah basically
princess lea
#space #invadors #lolll #immature #annoying #fartyyyyiboombooom
by princess lea star warssssss September 02, 2008
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