Short for Jehovah's Wittness
"Oh shit! Here come them damn JW's! Close the curtains!"
by subsecret August 02, 2003
Top Definition
just wondering
Bob: did you do the homework?
Steve: no. y?
Bob: jw
by Anonymous May 21, 2003
A shortened version of the words "just wondering", it is normally used in chatrooms and online typing communications.
Bill:hu did u pull yesterday?


by lil_stewey July 20, 2006
Just Wondering.

When you ask a question to someone that you don't really feel like explaining why or care about the answer.

When you're too lazy to type.

Guy online: Hey what are you doing tonight?

Me: Should I dye my hair?

Guy: Why?

Me: jw.

awkward silence...conversation over.
by alissafoo November 06, 2008
Jizz Wizard

It is normally used to describe someone who jerks of every second of the day. Never stoping. Jerking under there desk at school. And there Jizz just goes EVERYWHERE
Bob : Hey. Stop jerking off under your desk you JW

Dawson : I Will never stop it just feels so good

*Jizzes all over the place*

Bob : It got on my shirt
by Wolfganger1357 January 23, 2013
Short for Just Wondering. Used when asking a question. Can also be used to justify creepy questions.
a) Jw, what's ur favorite color?

b) Are you home alone? Jw
by oliviasaywhat? May 14, 2009
jay walking, slank, handsome, horny, all mine ;]
J.W. is my slank.
by Slank. July 19, 2009
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