Short for Jehovah's Witness.
"There's a JW at the door Mom!"

"Bloody Hell!"
by Brother Al JW February 22, 2008
Abbreviation of the phrase, "Jacking off, Wait!"
Mother: Hurry up son, we are gonna be late!!!

Son: Wait, JW!

Mother: Huh? Wondering about???
by The Fire Lord July 27, 2010
Short for Jehovah's Wittness
"Oh shit! Here come them damn JW's! Close the curtains!"
by subsecret August 02, 2003
jerk wad
That twat is being a jw.

That jw peed on the floor!
by GeweyDewey April 11, 2009
A large pile of fat that rides a bike and needs braces
by lolatyourlife April 17, 2009
JW is term that can be used to describe dodging a person.

it's short term refers to Jehoviah's Witness, who go door to door 'preaching', causing certain people to hide and pretend to not be home.
Sarah is on her way over to hangout, think I'm going to have to pull a JW.
by MelissaC August 18, 2007
To milk your minor cancer-scare for all the emotion and sympathy that it's worth - whilst simultaneously emploring people not to take your ceaseless over-dramatic movies as attention-whoring. Often used to distract people from the real issue and get away with blue murder.
"I was going to level with my girlfriend about my cheating the other day - but in the end I just decided pull a JW - after 2 solid hours of heartfelt goodbyes she didn't suspect a thing!!"
by yes August 01, 2003

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