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Original bassist of Californian metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Played from 1999 to 2001, at which point he was replaced with former bassist Daemon Ash.
Justin Sane is not only a silly name, but also a very bad pun.
by oxygenforlosers August 24, 2006
vocals, rhythm guitar and lyricist of anti-flag
justin sane is a genius
by maddy October 11, 2004
The lead vocalist from the band Anti-Flag.
Has been straight-edge all his life.
Has been a vegetarian since birth and a vegan from a young age.
Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania he formed the politically charged punk band Anti-Flag.

Is one of the most talented lyricist's ever born and writes music that is extremely infuential and inspirational.

Many see him as a God.
"Did you know, as well as being the best fucking guy ever, Justin Sane is also vegan and straight-edge. What a legend."

"Yeah, and he recently moved to the east end of London"

"He sure is 'Keepin it real'"
by SammySaintOwns September 12, 2008