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The lead voalist of the legendary band Billy Talent.

Ben has a distinctivly pitched voice that is irrisistable to both women and men.
"Heard that band Billy Talent?"

"With Ben Kowalewicz?"


"God his voice... I almost had an orgasm"

"erm... John :|"
by SammySaintOwns September 12, 2008
The bassist and vocalist from the politically charged punk band Anti-Flag.
From Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, as well as fellow Anti-Flag members; Justin Sane, Pat Thetic and Chris Head.
Is straight-edge and vegan as are the other members of the band.

Is one of the sexiest men alive, as well as being a god at bass.
Has an amazing voice as well as an amazing body and personality.

One of the nicest guys you can meet, and THE most exciting person to see live.
"At Anti-Flag last night, did you check out Chris #2 ?"

"Yeah, he was fucking immense!"
by SammySaintOwns September 12, 2008
The lead vocalist from the band Anti-Flag.
Has been straight-edge all his life.
Has been a vegetarian since birth and a vegan from a young age.
Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania he formed the politically charged punk band Anti-Flag.

Is one of the most talented lyricist's ever born and writes music that is extremely infuential and inspirational.

Many see him as a God.
"Did you know, as well as being the best fucking guy ever, Justin Sane is also vegan and straight-edge. What a legend."

"Yeah, and he recently moved to the east end of London"

"He sure is 'Keepin it real'"
by SammySaintOwns September 12, 2008

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