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a character from "the hills" named justin; dated audrina; got the name justin bobby from Lo; wears cowboy boots to the beach.
justin bobbyyyyyyy

I heard justin bobby called you.

I think justin bobby hates us.

Homeboy wear cowboy boots to the beach?
by desi bobby October 21, 2007
1) audrina's non-boyfriend boyfriend on mtv's the hills.

2) the guy who treats a girl like his gf but constantly avoids titles and commitment. the girl loves him so much she can't let it go but knows he is no good and won't ever be in an official relationship although he and she act like they are. just when a girl gets over a justin bobby and moves on, he creeps back in to her life. selfish scared guy.
Justin bobby doesn't want me to date anyone else but he won't be my boyfriend either... he wants to see where life takes us. It's been 3 years!
by yoyocandybar May 16, 2009
1. name of character on MTV's The Hills.
2. best childs name.

Aww, good Justin Bobby.
by CaitlinMarie October 08, 2007
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