used to reassure when not needed
Brandon: I love you, justsayin.
Carrie: I love you too, justsayin.
Brandon: Why is everybody but us using justsayin now?
Carrie: I don't even know exactly.
by brandasaurusrex October 14, 2009
The act of completely shattering somone's idea and then blatently covering it up with words.
John: Dude we could go bungie jumping!
Mark: How bout no, just sayin
by hkhkhkhkhkhkh December 07, 2010
As a phrase it is used to emphasize a point, conclude a statement, or to generally annoy. This phrase was coined and is frequently used by members of Open Mind, a popular MySpace Group.
There are some funny people in that group. Just sayin'.
by Countess Mercedes October 04, 2007
a very addicting phrase that originated from a ramsey.
Ramsey's pretty boss, just sayin'.
by SHANANGGG November 03, 2008

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