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The other white meat. Lots of it.
Since when do pigs have claws? Besides, a roast weighing 1400 pounds has gotta be jurassic pork.
by baldpuss January 26, 2005
1 21

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A policeman who is over 60 years old. This unretired cop has an ability to retire after 25 years with a full pension, but has such a fear of losing his power he just won't retire.
Jesus Christ, did you see the age of that cop? He's going to write me a ticket for doing 60 in a 50.
Yeah, that's definitely Jurassic Pork. What a douche nozzle.
by Furback August 21, 2009
32 6
A humungously obese woman who plods around and occassionally has her shirt tucked into her dress, exposing the rump.
Who does that jurassic pork think she is fooling eating that Lean Cuisine?
by kombat July 13, 2005
26 17