1.n. Probably one of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time. Mainly known for crawling in the ring like a dog and ramming his head into his opponents.
2.v. To cover a bitch in garbage and ram her doggy style until she howls.
1. "Did you see that Junkyard Dog match against Papa Shango last night? That shit was tight!"
2. "Dude, my girlfriend still smells like shit from that time two weeks ago when I Junkyard-Dogged her."
by Nick Bockwinkle March 29, 2008
Top Definition
Somebody who is strong and good in a fight; a beastly person.
These guys started shit with us, and my friend Mike knocked out all six of them. He's a junkyard dog.
by George February 23, 2005
A car, usually late 60's-70's era American muscle car, that is left in primer, and built up to beastly proportions, giving it a rough, loud, aggressive presence.
"My friend's 500 horsepower, primered '70 Chevelle is a real junkyard dog..."
by CeeCee666 June 30, 2009
1. a particularly vicious and dangerous dog, especially one chained up as a result of it's attacks

2. a particularly vicious and dangerous person

(dogs of such a temperament are frequently used to guard junkyards in movies)
If I have to deal with that junkyard dog again I will give it's owner a piece of my mind.
by The Return of Light Joker July 25, 2009
is a paid political operative, an attack dog on a leash. A Sunday morning talking head. yelps about the virtues of the Democratic faith.
Liberal talkshow hosts are junkyard dogs.
by Liberal killer December 25, 2009
A game that is played in the pool with two teams, usually by swimmers that want to waste time during practice, in which you throw everything that is on the pool deck or in the storage room into the pool such as kickboards, pull buoys, tables and anything that you will be able to get out without using a crane. The winning team is either the person who has the most junk or if they retrieved the secret item usually chosen by the coach. Even if you lose it doesn't matter because it is fun just to play.
Hey coach can we finished our set, can we play junkyard dogs?
by John M. from W.L.C. February 04, 2009
a junkyard is an established male who doesn't shit from anyone... not even another junkyard dog. any female who is already intimately affiliated with a junkyard dog is called a "bitch". any feamle in pursuit of a junkyard dog is calssified as a bitch in heat.
"Hey dude aren't those the junkyard dogs over there?"
"Yea man watch out, they dont take shit from nobody, not even eachother, oh and i think those two girls with them are bitches."
by PitbullJYD420 September 08, 2009
A hobo rapist
Hey did you hear about Betty Sue?
Yeah wasn't she raped by a hobo?
Yeah that junkyard dog nailed her when she was taking out her trash.
by John Lee Mark April 27, 2010
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