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When a person who is so desperate that they will do whatever whether it is stealing, lying, cheating,or trick you by whatever means necessary in order to get what they need to fuel their addiction.
Steal a winning Lotti ticket and replace it with a loser is a junkie stunt.
by shrnan73 March 13, 2015
Something that a junkie would do; A stunt that a junkie would pull, usually something grimy and fucked up (lie, steal, turn tricks for drugs, etc.).
I went to sell this bitch some crack, and she tried to junkie stunt me with these fake-ass $20 bills!
That bitch junkie stunted me! I woke up this morning and my money was gone!
She's just junkie stunting so she can get high.
by M0n$t3r June 11, 2014
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