Sex with a prostitute that will almost certainly result in a venereal disease, and the pleasure in doing so.
I had this wicked junk sex last night with a filthy old prozzy slut, I hope I've got aids!
by Brian1234 January 04, 2007
Top Definition
We all know what junk food is. And we know what happens to us when we make a steady diet of it. Junk sex is like junk food – not bad enough to avoid, but definitely not good enough to make a steady diet of. The effects of junk sex include outbreaks of unhealthy relationships and a malnourished emotional life, and self-destructive behavior like spending waaaay too much time at the gym. In addition to physical symptoms such as irritability, pain, and sexually-transmitted diseases. Junk sex, particularly media-induced junk sex, leads to a vicious cycle of empty sexual encounters and soul-sucking loneliness, and the obsessive preoccupation with our skin. No hard-and-fast definition (pardon the pun) can nail down the exact occurrence of junk sex, but it is very real and each person must define it for themselves.
I hooked up with this really hot, funny guy last night but it ended up being junk sex -- I didn't even come, but he sure did -- loud enough to wake the neighbors!
by Julie_College January 18, 2008
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