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when a guy's junk gets bunched up within his pants, usually while wearing a cup.
Laxer Bro #1: Brah, you were touching your crotch all practice today. What's up with that?

Laxer Bro #2: Dude I know, fuckin junk bunch.

Laxer #1: Fuckin hate that shit man.
by schneeblyn March 17, 2009
a phenomenon that occurs when a woman wearing men's/unisex sweat pants gets an awkward, protruding bunch in the crotch area, giving the illusion that she has "junk" (a.k.a. a penis)
Girl #1: Woah! Is there something you're not telling us...? What's up with your crotch?

Girl #2: No, I know, it's awkward, right? I totally borrowed my boyfriends sweats this morning... They give me junk-bunch 'cause they're way too big.

Girl #1: Good. I'm glad it's only junk-bunch. You had me concerned.
by rugamutz December 09, 2010

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