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Not that wonderful but often hyper, and if she's not hyper she's laughing. Generally finds the most random words funny.
Memorable quote from today

"Would you like a juice pocket?"
"It's the jaffa cake! It's all the jaffa cake!"
by Julzebob herself December 21, 2004

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Julzebob: n - see Julie, Julz, Juleh, Julzehbob

A wonderful girl who is wonderful. She is great and loved by many. She is both prettiful and has a great personality.
Memorable quotes from today:
"brb, hackoring ^_^"
"whats lowey blown :|"
by Lowey December 20, 2004
A backing singer and a grandma impersonator. She wears glasses. Sexy x-ray glasses. But shush, you can't tell anyone. Cover your body parts when walking past her. Although seeing as it's x-ray it won't do much good.
"Julie, you are dressed as a grandma."
"Why yes, I am."

"What are you doing?"
"Running down school corridors in my Peejay's. Why? Everyone does it."
by your-tie-is-also-dead December 21, 2004