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juicin as in takin creatine
man, i kno that dude's juicin cuz he aint that big last time i saw em!
by calistyle April 19, 2004
when both partners ( dosent matter what combination of sex ) have an orgasim at the same time.
Jack and I just got done Juicing eachother
by Blake The Great October 09, 2005
intentionally bleeding, in professional wrestling.

In pro wrestling, a wrestler will, at times, nick themselves with a hidden razor blade to show blood on camera. This helps sell the intensity of the fight to the audience. Oftentimes, the juicer will take aspirin before the fight to thin his blood, causing even more blood flow on-camera.
"Did you see how badly Ric Flair was bleeding last night?"
"He was juicing, huh?"
"Guy should call himself 'Tropicana'."
by Big Mikey August 03, 2005
Running or tearing around on a bike, in a car, or generally any rapid, fairly reckless behaviour in/on a vehicle.
I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can go juicin' around on my new bike.
by Styles May 03, 2004
Grinding movement, sometimes with only minimal clothing on. Can be anything from making out up to sex (but usually not including). More common in chicago/midwest.
We were juicing in his car last night.
by carrie January 17, 2004
A girl on her period.
She's juicing pretty hard this month. I gotta get the hell out of my house.
by Csand July 27, 2011
when a woman is on her period
Shit baby, why you so pissed?! You juicing?

Hell no I don't want to fuck, you're juicing ho!

Lemme lick that bloody twat if the juice is on.
by Rendrio June 07, 2007