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a bodybuilder who takes too many steroids (juice)
That juice pig has really bad 'roid rage so watch out!
by MontrealGuy July 26, 2005
1. Pejorative; A regular gym rat who also happens to be a steroid freak. He is very much on the juice to such a degree that he is a pig, hence juicepig.
2. Complimentary; a guy who is so cut and ripped he looks like he could be juicing, even though he's not.
1. Did you see Steve punch the Smith machine? What a fuckin juicepig.
2. You bench how much now Dave? Haha, you juicepig.
by Mike Chips April 14, 2008
A term for a loose woman who is a little on the heavy side. Sits somewhere between a skank and a slore. She is a little too fat to have sex with when you are sober, but after about 6 beers, she starts to look thinner. This is the kind of girl that you couldn't pick up and put her on the kitchen counter to have sex with but if you are behind her, you could definately prop her fat tits on it.
Do ya really need one. Use Juice Pig in place of slut or whore.

by CrouchingTigerHiddlenYarmulke March 23, 2009
A whore, usually a girl that is injected with the sexual juices of a pig.
That girls fucking juicepig.
by Batman and Superman June 29, 2006
A slang term for a pudgie slut who love semen. Juice refering to semen. Pig refering to greedy and fat. The kind of girl that you can't prop on the counter to fuck, but if you are strong you may be able to prop her fat tits up there if you are fucking her from behind.
Five of my friends fucked that Juice Pig last Night.
by FerqHopMaster March 11, 2009
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