Adapted from Capone the comedian by the Boyskiis, taken to mean anything that is good which immediately excites you. It is synonymous with the slang term "sweeeet" when someone is excited about somthing.
E.G She told me i could come back to hers, i was immediately thinking "JUICE!".
by Le Savage May 13, 2008
jizz, cum, semen, sperm, ect.
I juiced all over her eye
by sk8ingleopard February 22, 2005
What you say when you are hungry and the person next to you is talking too much. This phrase is used right before you walk away, instead of the word dueces.
Jim- Hey! Did you know that the square root of 4 is--
Larry- Naaw man, im starving. Juices!
by taylorsydneygrace February 17, 2011
The act of stabbing someone, similar to that of O.J. Simpson.
Give me all yo money 'for you get juiced, nigga!
by hattiesburg dicks inc. September 11, 2008
Swimming in that maple syrup on that PCP.
"Man, I done smoked some juice and I be seeing some weird ass shit. Some zombie bomb ass shit, dawg!"
by Isolator August 23, 2008
O.J. Simpson the person
O.J. " the juice" Simpson is known only for his great football career and small acting roles in moves such as "The Naked Gun."
by John J. Phenomenon May 13, 2008
when your talkin to someone, and you wnat to say "you" but you just say "juice instead, its way better
"juice want to go to the store with meh?"
by Big-D A stat April 08, 2008

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