A 1992 film staring Tupac Shakur. One of many *hood* movies made at the given time perioud, such as "Menace to Society" and "Boys in the Hood". Yet, where a movie like 'Menace 2 Society' was just a showcase of the gang life, 'Juice' mixes that with an interesting and true-to-life story.
Have you seen that movie *Juice*? Wasn't Pac amazing in it?
by Mesmerize July 31, 2006
jizz, cum, semen, sperm, ect.
I juiced all over her eye
by sk8ingleopard February 22, 2005
1) The percent taken from winnings by a bookie.

2) An intrinsically rewarding aspect of something or life in general
1) My bookie takes 5% juice.

2.0) Hey man, what's your juice, what do you do for fun?

2.1)There's no juice left for me in getting stoned any more.

by Anonymous February 04, 2003
A word that means gossip and/or important information to be told.
Brooke: "Do you have any juice?!"
Lucia: "Omg, yes, i have something to tell you!"
by Broocia March 29, 2011
O.J. Simpson the person
O.J. " the juice" Simpson is known only for his great football career and small acting roles in moves such as "The Naked Gun."
by John J. Phenomenon May 13, 2008
What you say when you are hungry and the person next to you is talking too much. This phrase is used right before you walk away, instead of the word dueces.
Jim- Hey! Did you know that the square root of 4 is--
Larry- Naaw man, im starving. Juices!
by taylorsydneygrace February 17, 2011
a drink with vitamins that white people consume
nigga what the fuck is juice????
by D3L_PAON3 October 25, 2009
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