there are a few definitions of juice

1. juice could mean an electrical current

2. juice is also used as slang for illegal steroids
1. My guitar amp wasn't working cause it didn't have any juice.

2. that dude is huge! yeah he must be on the juice.
by knowitalldude January 10, 2013
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If u steal from me, ill get that juice on ya.
by KPEbart January 20, 2010
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Hydraulic electronically adjustable springs on a car that replace original shocks/springs. AKA, Hydrolics. They are used on cars such as, " Low Riders " to change the cars stance on the fly. Hydrolics can also be used to make the car lean , hop or or even jump in the air.
"... I jumped in the Fo ' hit the "Juice" on my ride ,I got front and back, side to side..."
-Eazy E
via giphy
by RichCanna November 03, 2015
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Usually some type of sex

Or actuall juice

Can be used in any type way or atractiveness
Damn she looks juicy

I'm tryna juice her up
by Juicessssss June 14, 2016
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Darn it, our juice went off!

Why is the juice socket not working?

The juice went out because of the storm.
by bjfromtn February 02, 2011
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When you have so many people that like to talk shit about you so you begin to have fans cuz you are the trending topic.
" Damn girl Jill and Kayla were totally talking shit about you during 3rd period"-Lilly
"Yea I heard that people were saying (insert invalid rumors here) about you at lunch"-Daisy
"Yuuup, they're just mad"- The girl who got the juice😜
by Got it like that💪🏼 October 05, 2016
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