An exclaimation.
Slang for overwhelmingly good.
Used frequently to descibe tastes of food
Damn thats real good!
Nigga thats some juice!
by dualcorex January 07, 2011
Also known as alcohol, is notorious for removing sexual inhibitions at the same time as reducing sexual performance through so-called whiskey dick.
Man! I shouldn't have juiced at my chubi's house... Now I got a bitch ass whiskey dick that will get me NO pussy!
by Joeyoo2 October 16, 2008
To juice means to steal something.
The act of juicing is called squeezing.
The said squeezed item is called fruit.
While at the store, Johnny juiced a couple of candy bars and an iPod.

I'd juice that piece of fruit!

Leave me alone, I'm squeezing some fruit right now!
by Master Juicer September 19, 2008
to have engage in sexual intercourse

"to juice on da regs"
"I juice on da regs! init blud! brrraapp"

This means to have sexual intercourse often

"Me and casandra bin juicing on da regs"
by Danni Johnston November 17, 2006
The stuff people leave on their cigarettes when you share... ya know, spit!
Girl: Hey can I take a pull off that smoke?

Guy: Sure!

Girl: Eew Juice!
by Diana May 13, 2005
A manor of fluid excreted from the body's sexual organs.
She really likes it when you juice on her face!

Aw man! She got her juice all over my sheets!
by bunee May 11, 2005
To make a person release sexually, usually in the form of a creamy liquid, sometimes shot, other times spilled depending on the consistency of the formula as well as the size of the firing arm and the accuracy of the "gunman".


As a noun - Renee's 'juice'

As a verb: Renee 'juiced' homeboy
Chantel: DAYUMM! That nikka is fiyah!

Renee: Word. I wanna f*ing juice homeboy.

Chantel: Sh*t Reene... you naaaaastyyyy!
by Deviant D July 21, 2010
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